tres-palmasTres Palmas Marine Reserve

Tres Palmas Marine Reserve has a large coral reef that runs parallel to the shore for about ¾ of a mile and offers really nice snorkeling. It consists of a few named areas (Dogman’s Beach, Little Malibu Beach), but the most popular and accessible area is Steps Beach (named after the set of concrete steps sitting on the beach).

When the conditions are right, the water can be smooth as glass, crystal clear and you get amazing snorkeling. But even with small waves, you can swim out past the breakers and still see a lot. They say the best time to go is in the morning, as the waves usually get larger as the day progresses.


El Faro Lighthouselighthouse

Situated on bluff surrounded by a lovely park, the Rincón lighthouse offers a setting where you can relax and have great views of surfers, Desecheo Island, the sunset, and even whales (in season). So, even if you are not “into” lighthouses, you should plan a visit to the Rincón lighthouse park just to enjoy the views.

The original lighthouse, which was one of the many lighthouses built to help ships navigate the dangerous sea passage along the western coast, was damaged during an earthquake in 1918. Due to the damage caused by the earthquake, it had to be demolished, and the current 70-foot tall cylindrical tower was built in 1922.


sandy_beachSandy Beach

Sandy Beach is the main beach in Puntas, one of the most popular and lively neighborhoods in Rincón Puerto Rico. What draws most people to Sandy Beach is the absence of reef and rocks on the ocean floor, the quality that gives the beach its welcoming name and makes it a perfect hangout for families with young children. Spending time at Sandy Beach often prompts volleyball sessions, sea glass hunting and great night life with it being home to some of the best beach you’ll ever find. Swimming at Sandy Beach is good throughout most of the year unless big waves are breaking, in which case, grab your board and score some surf!


Domes Beachdomes-beach

Tucked away at the end of an isolated stretch of road, Domes is one of the most popular surfing beaches in Puerto Rico. The beach draws crowds almost every morning, and by seven in the morning you’ll find them testing the waves. Domes also has one of the more unusual and picturesque backdrops. The beach is framed on one end by the Rincón Lighthouse, and on the other by the massive dome, the last remnant of a bona fide nuclear reactor that the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission built in the 1960s. The reactor naturally give Domes Beach its name, along with the worth-visiting “Reactor Reef” north of the beach. The nuclear materials have long been removed, and the dome now stands silent sentinel over one of Puerto Rico’s most iconic surfing beaches.


rincon_tourism_mapShopping, Horseback Riding, Whale Watching and most importantly…. RELAX!

There are shopping malls, movie theaters, golf, an ice skating ring, a water park, and a zoo all within a short drive (30 minutes). Camuy Caverns, Arecibo Radio Telescope, and State Parks featuring Zip Lines, hiking trails, and beautiful waterfalls are all within a short drive.